Solitaire Drinking Game

The Solitaire Drinking Game -
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For those of you that want all the fun of drinking without the hassle of other human beings there’s always our Solitaire Drinking Game. Of course you could play with other players but you’d have to take turns per game. The game is simple and follows most of the basic rules of solitaire.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards and some drinks. That’s it.

Solitaire Basic Rules

For those unfamiliar with the classic solitaire the goal is to transfer every card from the bottom board into the top board. Cards should be laid out in a waterfall formation in 7 vertical rows. The rows scale up from 1 card in the row up to 7 cards in the row. With only the bottom card of each row facing up and the rest facing down. Then the rest of the deck is placed elsewhere on the table.

For a basic tutorial on how to play the game of solitaire check here.

Solitaire Drinking Game Rules

  • Every time you are flip a card from the deck and are unable to play it, take a drink.
  • At the end of the game if you were unsuccessful, count the remaining cards in the deck. Drink that many times.
  • If you were successful and finish the game with transferring every card from the tableau and deck into the top board then you may chug your drink in celebration.


The Solitaire drinking game can be a lot of drinking and you do end up drinking whether you win or lose, because if you’re playing by yourself you may as well be getting a little tipsy. This game is a great for if you’re late for a party and want to do a little catch-up before you arrive. The amount of drinking in this game can be a little much for a lot of people so please be sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.