Smoke or Fire Rules

Match Drinking Game

Smoke or Fire is a card based drinking game where players try to guess if the next card will be black (smoke) or red (fire). Incorrect guesses mean drinks and correct guesses mean you can either pass the deck or build up drinks to give out all at once. This game works with anywhere from 3-10 players.

What You’ll Need

A shuffled deck of cards with the jokers removed and some drinks.

Smoke or Fire Drinking Game Rules

Once the deck is shuffled pass it face down to whoever wants to start the game. They guess Smoke (club or spade) or Fire (heart or diamond). Then they flip the top card.

If they are incorrect they must take a sip and guess again for the next card.

If they are correct they can do one of two things; They can pass the deck to the next player and give out a sip or they can try to guess again. If they guess correctly again they can add to the amount of drinks they give out. Every correct guess is another sip added to give out, but if they get one wrong they must drink that many and try again.

Optional Rules

If a player ever gets 3 correct guesses in a row they can make a new game rule. Anyone who breaks the rule needs to take a sip.

If a player gets 3 incorrect guesses in a row they must pound back the rest of their drink and the deck is passed to the next player.

Elimination Mode: Whenever a player gets 3 wrong in a row they are out of the game. Then the other players continue. The game continues until only 1 player remains.


The smoke or fire drinking game is easy and fun. If you’re finding it a bit too simple add in some of our optional rules.