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Sloshball Drinking Game Rules

BASEketball drinking game -

Sloshball is an epic drinking game that takes quite a bit of planning to get going but it’s well worth it. It plays out a lot like a regular game with baseball except with a few kegs and a slip-n-slide. This is the kind of game you want to do on a hot summer night with plenty of fun-loving people around. Basically what happens is players can not leave second or third base before chugging a beer. And instead of running from third to home it’s a slip-n-slide.

What You’ll Need

2 kegs, plastic cups and a Slip-n-slide.

Setting It Up

First to set up this game a keg must be placed at both second base and third base. There should also be ample plastic cups to go along with each keg. Then place the slip-n-slide between third base and home and make sure it’s good and wet.

Sloshball Rules

Before the game can begin the captain of each team must chug a beer. Whoever does it faster gets to be home team. Then the captains draft team members until they have a full team.

From there it plays like a regular 9 inning game of baseball with a few unique rules.

  1. After a player makes it to 2nd base they have to chug a beer before they move on to third. Multiple players can be on the same base if anyone hasn’t finished chugging their beers.
  2. After a player makes it to the 3rd base they have to chug a beer before moving on to home base.
  3. Instead of running from third base to home base each player must try and slide there on the slip-n-slide.


Sloshball rules vary slightly depending which house rules you’re using so just use whatever rules suit your group best. Be warned though as the name implies this game can get you real drunk real quick. If players don’t fancy themselves very good at baseball they can try with kickball rules instead (which might be a tad easier once everyone is good and drunk).