Slip n Flip Rules

Slip n Flip -

The Slip n Flip drinking game is the genius combination of flip cup and a slip n slide. This game only really works in the summer unless you’re reckless enough to try it indoors. You’ll want a slip n slide that’s about 15 feet long but any size will do really. Much like flip cup the goal is to chug your drinks and flip them before the opposing team. But unlike flip cup players will also slide down the tarp holding their full drink before they get to chug it.  These Slip n Flip rules should make your next outdoor party way funner.


1 plastic cup per player, alcohol and a slip n slide.


Equal teams will stand at opposite side of the slip n slide mat. One at a time they will race to slide across the mat, chug their drink, then flip it. First team to flip all cups wins the game.

Set up

Place the slip n slide in a large open area outside, soap it up and have the hose running down it. Maybe do a test run or two to make sure it’s soaked enough and nobody is gonna get any burns from hitting a dry spot. Pick the teams and make sure each team stands on one side of the Slip n Slide mat.

At the far end of the slip n slide there should be a table or some kind of surface to flip the cups.

Slip n Flip rules

Players take turns one by one starting with their leader. The leader is the player closest to the starting end of the slip n slide. On a players turn they must first grab their full drink then slide down the mat being careful not to spill. Once that player reaches the end of the slide they can chug their drink. When the drink is finished they place it on the ground and attempt to flip it so that lands on the opposite side from where it started. Then the next player on each team can slide, chug and flip.

This game continues until one team has successfully finished all their beers and flipped their cups. They are the winners.

If a player spills more than half of their drink before reaching the end of the slide then they must refill their drink and slide down the mat again before they can chug it.



All-in-all this game is a great way to spend an evening. These Slip n Flip rules are a bit different because traditionally players don’t bring their drinks with them on the slide but we think it adds to the fun. It can get a little sloppy but at least the hose is right there if you need a quick hose-down. It’s a lot more exciting than most drinking games and is always an awesome time.