Sink the Ship Drinking Game

Don't Sink the Ship!

This game is pretty closely related to a game called Depth Charge except this game won’t require you to chug a full pitcher. Which might be a good or a bad thing depending what kind of mood you’re in. The goal of the game is to float a bottle cap into a beer and add beer to it without sinking it. Sinking it means you gotta neck the drink! Th Sink the Ship drinking game (sometimes called the float the boat drinking game) works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

A large empty mug, a bottle cap that’s not too bent and some drinks. Plus a steady surface to play on.

Sink the Ship Drinking Game Rules

Before the game can start the mug needs to be filled with some alcoholic beverage (generally beer.) Once everyone is ready everyone starts pouring their drink into the mug at the same time. Keep pouring as long as you want or until the mug is full.

Now you might need to wait a bit for the foam to cool before the game can begin. Or just scoop it out to get things moving.

A player is chosen to start the game. They try to pour some of their own drink into the bottle cap without sinking it. Then the next player clockwise does the same.

This continues until someone inevitably sinks the bottle cap, making them the loser. They must chug the whole drink, but be careful not to choke on the cap!


The Sink the Ship Drinking Game is a good choice for bars since you don’t need cards or dice or anything like that. Depending on how steady your hands are this game can either be very little or a ton of drinking so please make sure to pace yourself an drink responsibly.