Depth Charge Drinking Game

The Depth Charge drinking game is an easy game that’s fun to play at bars or anywhere you can get your hands on a pitcher of beer. What you do is float a shot glass or small glass in the pitcher and players take turns pouring into the glass. Whoever sinks it must chug the whole thing. This game works best with around 4-8 players.

What You’ll Need

A pitcher or large glass of beer, an empty shot glass, another beer for pouring, and some pals.

Depth Charge Drinking Game Rules

To set this game place the pitcher of beer in the center of the table. Then very gently place the shot glass in the pitcher so that it’s floating on top of the beer. Then whoever wants to go first starts the game. They pour as much of their drink as they want into the shot glass then pass the pouring beer to the next player. This goes on until the shot glass sinks. Whoever sunk the glass has to chug the entire pitcher.

This game can also be played in teams so that players can split the task of chugging the pitcher.

Gentleman’s Rule

If the glass sinks between turns, then it’s whoever poured last that has to drink it. Try not to wait too long between turns.


The Depth Charge drinking game is great for bars or pubs because you can just order a pitcher of beer, pour a bit into a glass for pouring, then play with the rest of the pitcher. Typically it’s played where the loser has to pay for the next pitcher for the next round. It can also be played elimination-style where whoever loses is out for the next round until only 1 player remains. This game can turn into a lot of drinking so please make sure to drink responsibly.