How to Shotgun a Beer Properly

How To Shotgun a Beer Properly -

A lot of people don’t know how to shotgun a beer properly. So we created this quick and easy guide to let people know how exactly to do it without looking like a doofus and spilling all over yourself.

What You’ll Need

For this method you’re going to need a canned beer. Bottles simply won’t work. Plus you’ll need something to puncture a hole with, this can be a knife, a key, or if you want things to go along extra smoothly you can always buy a quality tool made for shotgunning beers like The Sabertooth Raw: The Ultimate Beer Drinkers Shotgunning Tool.

How to Shotgun a Beer Properly In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Getting Ready to Poke the Hole

Place the beer at a 45 degree angle, with the part you want to puncture at the top. This way nothing will spill when the hole is made. Now hold the beer with one hand and get ready to stab a hole with the other.

Step 2: Poking the Hole

Now that the hole is made, make sure it is big enough to drink of. You can always make the hole a big bigger if need be. Also double check that no loose aluminum was dislodged into the can.

Step 3: Chugging the Beer

Now get ready to drink by lifting the beer to your face, with your mouth covering the hole. Then lift the beer so that the hole is on the bottom and quickly pop open the tab and start chugging. The dual airways should cause the beer to rocket down your throat with no problem at all.


This method should work every time, the most common mistake is stabbing the beer in the wrong spot causing for mass spillage. This is a great way to down a beer in mere seconds and look like a champion doing it. If you’re looking for some drinking games to play that involve chugging beers we suggest checking out Flunkyball. As always please remember to drink responsibly.