Ship, Captain and Crew Drinking Game

The Ship, Captain and Crew drinking game is a dice game that usually works best in larger groups of around 6 people. This game is played in a similar style to Yahtzee in that players try to get the highest score possible with their dice in order to win the round.

What You’ll Need

In order to play this game all you need is some alcoholic beverages and five dice.

Ship, Captain and Crew Rules

On a players turn they get 3 rolls of the dice. The objective is to get a Ship(6), Captain(5) and Crew(4). and then the other two dice compose the cargo.

The dice must be gotten in descending order. This means that you may not lock in the Crew(4) until you have the Captain(5), and you can’t have the Captain(5) until you have the ship(6).

Here’s an example turn.

  • Player 1 rolls 5,3,2,2,1. They cannot keep any of these dice because they don’t have the ship (6). So they roll again.
  • The second roll is 6,5,3,3,1. They keep the 6 and 5, the ship and captain, and reroll the remaining dice.
  • The 3 new rolls are 4,4,3.  All the dice together now read 6,5,4,4,3. This is the third and final roll so the total becomes a full ship (6,5,4) and a cargo of 7( 4 + 3).

After each round is completed the winner is the player with the highest score. Scores are equal to how many of the 3 main components they have at the end (6,5 and 4). If multiple players have all three than the winner is who has the most cargo.

At the end of each round the winner may give out drinks equal to their cargo. If the winner has no cargo than everyone but the winner drinks once.

Each new round is started by the loser of the last round. Play order is clockwise.


The Ship, Captain and Crew drinking game is a great and fairly easy one. It’s not usually too heavy on the drinks so feel free to play multiple rounds. Although over consumption of alcohol is still a serious risk so please drink responsibly.