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The Shark Week Drinking Game

The Shark Week Drinking Game -

Our Shark Week drinking game covers the week or so that the Discovery Network airs strictly shark themed television shows. This drinking game is designed to work with any of those shows during that week span. It seems they pick when shark week is whenever they feel like it, but if you want to know when the next one is you can check here.

This game will have players drinking to all the tropes that happen during this week of programming such as people overusing the word “Dangerous” or dramatized videos of shark attacks. Of course we also added some rules for the occasional programs that focus on the over-hunting of sharks.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you’re going to need is the discovery network and some drinks. Preferably some friends to share them with too. Doesn’t really matter which episode you tune in to, any should work.


Shark Week Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • A specific breed of shark is mentioned
  • A shark eats another fish
  • A breed of shark is described as endangered, or being at risk of being endangered
  • A fishing boat of some kind goes down

Drink when any of the following words are used

  • Dangerous
  • Deadly
  • Predator
    • Drink again if it’s “Apex Predator”
  • Finning
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Blood

Take a huge swig whenever

  • Someone is bitten by a shark (Even if it’s just within a dramatized version of events).
  • Someone mentions Shark-Fin soup.
  • Someone says “Man is the greatest predator”, or something similar.

If ever the Jaws theme is played, All players must immediately stop and chug their drinks until the song stops. This includes anything that’s close-enough to the Jaws theme to avoid paying royalties.


Our Shark Week drinking game was designed specifically for the Discovery Channels “Shark Week”. But it would work just fine with any shark related programming if you can find some.