Rummy for Rummies Drinking Game Rules


If you’re not too familiar with how to play Rummy we aren’t going to bother to explain the whole game. The official rules can be found here. But if you’re just trying to find creative ways to down a few drinks while playing this classic card game then this rummy drinking game should do quite nicely.

Basically all that happens in this game is you play a regular game of Rummy and drink whenever any of these drinking rules come up. These rules tends to shake things up a bit because you might want to reconsider making certain moves if you don’t want to end up drinking much.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

For this drinking game you’re going to need a decent understanding of how to play Rummy already. Then you need a full deck of cards and some drinks of choice.

Rummy Drinking Game Rules


  • If you discard any numbered card (2-10) you must take one drink.
  • If you discard a face card you need to drink twice.
  • If you discard an Ace everyone BUT YOU drinks.
    • If it’s the Ace of Spades you discarded you must finish your whole drink.
  • These effects are doubled if the card below the one you’re discarding is the same suit.

Making sets/runs

If you make a set or run you get to give out drinks equal to how big the set/run is. Even if someone just adds on 1 card to the end of a run they get to give out drinks equal to it’s total length.

Going Out

When someone goes out you must drink once for each card remaining in your hand. If you still have that dreaded ace of spades, finish your drink!


The rummy drinking game is a great way to add another layer to an already fun strategic card game.