The Rocket League Drinking Game

Rocket League Drinking Game -

The Rocket League Drinking Game will have players drinking while playing the popular car soccer game Rocket League. This game is basically two teams of cars trying to bump, jump and fly to get a giant soccer ball into the opposing teams net.

Rocket League makes for the perfect drinking game because it’s easy enough to understand but hard enough that you’ll need some real skill. Plus there’s a quick-chat option in the game that players love to abuse so we made sure to include that in the drinking rules. However we do suggest playing this in the non competitive modes to avoid getting hated for dragging down peoples competitive ranking.



The game Rocket League for any platform and drinks.

Set up:

Go into rocket league with however many players you want, choose whichever modes you’re more comfortable with and get ready to do some drinking.


Players will drink every time goals are scored against their team and for the final score. Additionally players will have to drink for quick-chats that other players use during the games.


Rocket League Drinking Game Rules:

General game drinking rules:

  • Whenever the opposing team scores, take a drink
  • If you get demolished, take a drink
  • At the end of the game if you lose by more than 3 points, finish your drink

Quick Chat Drinking Rules:

Drink every time:

  • Someone says “What a save!” after their team scores on your team.
  • Someone says “Nice Shot!” after your team scores on the opposing team
  • Someone says “gg” at the end of the game


The Rocket League Drinking Game can be anywhere frrom casual to intense as far as drinking goes. It really depends how sarcastic your opponents are. Once in a while players are bound to run into those sarcastic taunting opponents we all know and love so get ready to drink multiple times each time you get scored on.



Rocket League Drinking Game -