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Right Or Racist Review – A game for bigots and humanitarians alike.

Right or Racist Card Game Review - the chuggernauts

The Right or Racist card game is one that plays with the very sensitive topic of stereotypes. How much prejudice bias do you hold or do you really know your stuff when it comes to statistics? Well if you play a few rounds you’re sure to find out.

Think of this game as a sort of “trivial pursuit” for zealots and snowflakes, and everyone in between.

How To Play

The game has two major types of cards, stereotype cards and debate cards. And every time one is flipped players must determine if that’s true (right) or false (racist). By the end of the night you’ll know who’s a hardlined bigot and who’s a sensitive snowflake.

Stereotype Cards

These cards make up a majority of the 500 card deck. Basically every card posits a statistic, which is either entirely true or made up. Then players vote on which they think it is. The cards themselves deal with very sensitive racial and religious prejudices so be careful how you vote!

Debate Cards

These ones a little more subjective. Stuff like “Addiction is not a disease”. If you want to know where all your friends political opinions lie just flip a few of these and you’ll have a heated debate in no time.

The Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules

This game is perfectly fine to just play and enjoy some drinks since a good debate generally gets people to pick up the pace anyway. Although we still did our due diligence and came up with some drinking rules.

  1. Take a sip whenever you’re wrong about a stereotype card.
  2. Take a sip whenever you’re in the minority during a debate card.
  3. Set a timer to go off every 3 minutes after a debate card is flipped. For every 3 minutes that people are still debating, everyone cheers and take a sip.
  4. Throughout the game keep track of who’s been crying “right” and who’s been crying “racist” more by leaving the cards in front of you after playing them. Biggest bigot and most sensitive snowflake gotta finish their drinks.

Right or Racist Review

What this game does well is pit all of your racial and prejudice biases against each other. Which is to say it’s almost definitely going to start a heated debate or two. So if you’re a fan of a good argument or maybe just like getting duped into falling for made up stereotypes than this game is for you.

Right or Racist is an awesome way to liven up the night. The game itself has a total of 500 cards so it’s got a ton of replay value too without running into too many of the same cards. Unlike most trivia games this one never seems to lose it’s intrigue.

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As far as games to play while enjoying a few beers Right or Racist is a great one. Although this might be one to avoid with that loudmouthed uncle who never shuts up about his political opinions anyway. Either way we had a blast with it and it’s definitely going to be hitting the table again soon.