Red, Black, High, Low

Card Game

The Red, Black, High, Low drinking game is an easy game where players try to guess the value and color of the next card to be flipped. If players get correct guesses than the next one to get it wrong must drink more for every previous correct guess. The game works with anywhere from 3-10 players.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards with the jokers removed and some drinks

Red, Black, High, Low Rules

This game is played with Aces low.

First a dealer is chosen to flip a card for the player to their left. That player must guess whether the next card flipped will be higher or lower than the card showing, as well as guess whether the card will be red or black.

If they are incorrect they take a drink and try again.

If they are correct they don’t have to drink but still go again. A player can only stop guessing once they have gotten 3 correct guesses in a row.

Whenever a guesser guesses incorrectly they must drink once plus an additional time for each correct guess before it. For example if someone guesses correctly three times, they no longer have to guess. Now if the next player guesses incorrectly they drink 4 times. (Once for being wrong, and 3 more times for the successive correct guesses before him).

This game goes on however long you like. Typically the dealer is switched out whenever the deck runs out and play continues from there.


Red, Black, High, Low is an easy game to play and explain so it’s great for larger groups where you don’t want to have to repeat the rules over and over again until everyone is on the same page. As with any drinking game though please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.