Christmas Dinner Drinking Game – A Christmas Drinking Game to Help Drown Out the In-Laws.

The Christmas Dinner Drinking Game -

This drinking game was made to help get you through those seemingly endless family dinners with the in-laws. The key to this game is to not let anyone outside of the game know you’re playing it. Just let your family assume that you’re hitting the bottle a little harder than usual this year. You can even get a couple people in on the game but just be careful not to let the majority know about it. This Christmas Drinking game will really help you fly through those tiresome stories of aunt Sue’s cats or uncle Don’s questionably appropriate dinner time topics.


What You’ll Need

Since this game is just meant to be played around the table all you’ll need is a few beers and a feigned interest in your families conversations.

How it works

Players will have to drink whenever certain common Christmas topics come up or certain things happen throughout the night. It might seem a little fishy that you’re polishing off a few more beers than usual this Christmas season but just play it off like you’re really getting into the spirit this year.

Christmas Drinking Game -

Christmas Drinking Game Rules

Once the family is around the dinner table the game begins. Make sure to have a beer ready because the game starts immediately. Players must now drink for whenever certain things are said or done such as…

Drink one every time

  • An uncle brings up a topic not suited for the dinner table
  • Someone mentions their view on politics
    • Drink once more for every time someone mentions Donald Trump by name
  • Anyone mentions their pet
    • Drink once more if they bring up a trip to the vet
  • Someone at the table asks why someone else is still single
  • Someone goes up for seconds
  • Anyone asks you how school/work is going
  • Anyone says the word Christmas
  • Someone argues against the phrase “Happy Holidays”
  • Grandma mentions Jesus
  • For every ugly sweater at the table
  • Dad’s carving skills are being judged harshly

Drink three times if

  • The cranberry sauce is from a can
  • Something is burnt
  • There’s a lack of vegetarian options despite there being a known vegetarian present
  • Anyone farts at the dinner table
  • Someone tells a story about you when you were a child
  • Someone is falling asleep
  • There’s a stalemate over the last piece of something. And nobody wants to take it because they don’t want to be the one that took the last piece.

Finish your drink if

  • Someone asks you to slow down on the drinking. This might come off looking like a power-move.




The Verdict

Let’s face it. We all love our families but sometimes these events really make you understand why you only do this a couple times a year. Sometimes a Christmas drinking game is just what you needed to get through another night of dry turkey and you’re aunts passive aggressive comments about your love life. So grab a few beers and get festive with this hilarious Christmas Dinner Drinking Game.