Rules to the Pulp Fiction Drinking Game

Looking to down a few drinks to one of Quentin Tarantino‘s masterpieces? Well these Pulp Fiction drinking game rules will have you drunk as a motherf***** in no time.

Pulp Fiction is a story of some thugs, a few heroin addicts, a champion boxer and just about everything in between. It’s one of those movies you can watch over and over again and always notice something new. So this time around why not add a few drinks?

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need is a copy or stream of the movie and some drinks nearby. This game works with as many players as you can fit in front of your TV.

Pulp Fiction Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Anyone shoots up or snorts some kind of drug
  • Someone mentions a foot message
  • Anyone drops an N-Bomb ( drink double if Tarantino drops in to say it himself)
  • Someone mentions Marsellus Wallace by name
  • A gun is fired
  • Butch talks about his watch
  • Anyone mentions a Royale with cheese

Take a big gulp of your drink whenever

  • Someone sees the contents of the briefcase
  • Someone gets murdered
  • Butch starts up his motorcycle

Finish your drink whenever Jules recites Ezekiel 25:17. (The proverb he recites from the bible).

Hard Mode: If you want to really make things interesting, try drinking whenever anyone drops an F-bomb. It happens over 250 times in the script.

No matter how much fun this Pulp Fiction drinking game may seem, remember to always drink in moderation. Feel free to remove some game rules or take a break if things are getting too intense.