Peanut Races Drinking Game

The peanut races drinking game is a great drinking game to play at a pub or somewhere you can easily get some salted peanuts. The game is easy, just drop a peanut into your pint and whoever’s peanut is the last to come up loses and they gotta chug the drink. It works with any amount of players.

What You’ll Need

Salted peanuts (at least 1 per player) and some full pints of ale.

Peanut Races Drinking Game Rules

The game itself is easy. At the count of 3 everyone drops 1 salted peanut into their full pint of beer. What should happen is the peanut sinks to the bottom, gets enveloped by bubbles, then floats back to the top.

Whoever’s peanut resurfaces last is the loser of the game. They got to chug their entire drink with the peanut still in it. Careful not to choke on the nuts.

If you’re playing this game in a pub setting you can have it so the loser of each round has to buy the next round and supply the next pack of peanuts.


The Peanut Races drinking game is ridiculously easy. Just drop and wait. It’s always exciting though as players try to develop strategy as to what size and shape of peanut will make it back up first. If you’re looking for more drinking games to try out at the pub check out our list of top 5 pub drinking games!