OverCooked Drinking Game


What makes the OverCooked drinking game so great is that it relies heavily on cooperation. So if one of your team mates messed up, guess what? You’re all drinking. So grab some drinks and get ready to get incredibly flustered and buzzed all at the same time.

For those that have never played this game it’s a cooking game where all the players need to work together to correctly assemble dishes before the time is up. It’s pretty hectic already so adding a few drinks to the mix only makes things more crazy. This drinking game supports 1-4 players.

What You’ll Need

All you need is the game and some drinks. That’s about it. Make sure those drinks are mostly full because you don’t want to waste much time cracking open new beers during the levels. This game is on all the popular platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBox One and PC so choose whichever you like.

OverCooked Drinking Game Rules

  • Anytime someone burns something, everyone must drink 3 times before continuing.
  • Anytime you make something that wasn’t ordered, everyone drinks twice.
  • At the end of each round, drink 3 times for each star you didn’t get.  If you managed to get 0 stars then everyone needs to finish their drink.

Bonus Drinking Rule: If you want to make things even more difficult on yourself incorporate this drinking rule. Anytime someone says the name of a food item they have to drink. This usually ends up with some hilarious confusion.


The OverCooked drinking game is a great time but can often snowball into a ton of drinking if players keep failing on the same difficult stages. Please make sure to drink responsibly.