Overcooked 2 Drinking Game

This User Submitted drinking game from mrjoelharrison is for OverCooked 2. The hectic Team 17 game where players scramble to put together meals under various stressful circumstances. Seeing how frantic this game already is, it’s a perfect candidate for a drinking game.

What You’ll Need To Play

The second version of Overcooked and some drinks. This one works best with 4 players but feel free to play with however many you want. If this game is too intense/not-intense-enough feel free to add or subtract some of the game rules.

Overcooked 2 Drinking Game Rules

  • If someone falls off of a platform to their death, they must drink until they regain control of their character
  • If a dish gets timed out everyone takes a drink. If multiple dishes have been timed out that round then everyone drinks equal to the amount of dishes that have been timed out.
  • If two players boost bump into eachother they both drink twice.
  • When a level is completed everyone cheers and drink twice for each star they didn’t get.

Penalty shots

  • If a fire is started then whoever was the last to add to that dish takes a shot.
  • If anyone adds an incorrect ingredient they take a shot
    • Anyone who sends out an incomplete dish takes a shot