7 Best Online Drinking Games To Play With Friends For Free

Whether you’re trying to include someone who’s far away, stuck at home, or trying to wait out a viral pandemic, there’s plenty of good reasons to play drinking games online from the comfort of your own home. Thankfully there’s a number of great free online drinking games that will make things easier.

How Do I Play Drinking Games Online?

While some of these games can be played remotely through their servers, others will require someone to host the game. This means you’ll want a chatting app such as Discord, Skype or Zoom. Ideally something with a screen-sharing option so that the host can set it all up and the other players can join the video call and watch the board.

The Best Drinking Games to Play Online With Friends


Some of the cards you might run into in Chunda

To play Chunda you’re going to need some kind of screen sharing chat app, or at least have someone reading out the cards as they happen. From there you just punch in every players name and start flipping cards! From there the game will give out about 50 cards, one at a time, that cause players to drink and play fun mini-games.

Click here to play Chunda free now!

The Wikipedia Drinking Game

Here’s a way to get your drink on and maybe even learn a thing or two in the meantime. For this game players will all need their own computer or mobile device connected to the internet. It work best with screen-sharing but it’s not necessary.

In this game, one player picks a common topic that has a wikipedia page written about it. Something simple like “France” or “cross-stitch”. Then everyone follows this link which will drop them on a random Wikipedia page.

Random Wiki Article

Once everyone is loaded then you can begin. Here’s how it works; the goal is to reach the agreed upon topic in as few clicks as possible starting on the random page by only clicking on the links. Each time you click a link you must take a sip of your drink. As soon as someone reaches the finishing page then everyone else must finish their drink.

Never Have I Ever on Air Console

For those who have never used it, Air Console is a virtual console for people to connect their mobile devices and play games together. So no matter the distance, anyone can join in a game with their mobile device by going to and punching in the room code.

Never Have I Every by Jerry’s Apps is a game where players drink if they’ve ever done the task that shows up on screen. It’s a great and simple way to have a few drinks, and maybe even learn a thing or two about your friends that you wish you could forget.

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Drunk Pirate

Drunk Pirate is a great online drinking game to play with friends no matter how far apart you are. Essentially you just boot up and get to the drinking.

You could either punch in every players name or just hit quick play and start flipping cards immediately. The game boasts the tagline “Click Here to Get Drunk” and that’s exactly what will happen if you play long enough. Almost every card flipped results in one or multiple players drinking, or some kind of mini-game where the loser drinks.

Virtual Card Tables custom game rooms

Looking to play some classic drinking card games with friends online? Well luckily there’s a lot of great online card playing apps that allow you to play any game you want with friends. is a great app where anyone can join a room and start playing. Movements are synchronized so you know nobody is cheating. So pick out your favorite drinking game and get to it!

The Wheel Drink

The Wheel Drink is about as simple as spinning a wheel and getting drunk. In fact, that might be exactly what it is.

Click here to bring up the Drinking Wheel.

Open up a Skype or Zoom call where one of the players visits the Drinking Wheel, then let the fun begin. Take turns spinning and doing whatever the wheel says.

Drinking Ladder

Drinking Ladder is like a twisted adult version of Snakes and Ladders. Instead of climbing ladders and sliding down chutes, players will be drinking and performing ridiculous challenges in order to advance.

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Challenges range from drinking to screaming profanities and everything in between. One way or another, this game will get you drunk. However it does offer a few difficulty levels so you can choose just how saucy you plan on getting.

So even though you might not be able to get together, there’s a ton of great online drinking games to play with friends and keep the party going!