How To Play The Modern Family Drinking Game

Modern Family Drinking Game by

This Modern family drinking game is a great way to unwind and watch the lives of Jay Pritchette and all his kids. This comedy explores all the daily chaos that comes with raising kids and starting a family in upscale Los Angeles.

This game works with any number of players and any episode. So just grab a few beers and put on your favorite episode of Modern Family.

What You’ll Need To Play

This game is simple. Just pop on any given episode of the show and grab some drinks. It works with any number of players. We may have went a little overboard with the drinking rules, so feel free to pick and choose which ones to play with.

Modern Family Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • Gloria messes up an English saying
  • Manny hits on someone
  • Mitchell worries about something
  • Phil buys something ridiculous
  • Jay and Gloria’s age difference is mentioned
  • Phil awkwardly hits on Gloria
  • Claire gives Phil a death stare
  • Cam starts dancing or singing
  • Alex is seen studying

Take 3 Sips Whenever…

  • Anyone mentions a raccoon
  • Phil says “cmon’ Phil”
  • Gloria says “JAY!”
  • Phil does a magic trick

Finish Your Drink Whenever

  • Someone trips on the broken step

Given how much most of these rules will come up during the course of an episode, this Modern Family drinking game can get pretty intense. If it’s a little much to stomach consider removing a few rules. If you liked this game we suggest taking a look at our Arrested Development drinking game!