The Perfect Arrested Development Drinking Game

Arrested Development Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

Once in a while a comedy comes along with almost endless replay value. Our Arrested Development drinking will have players drinking to this hilariously dysfunctional family. So grab a few beers or a glass of wine and get ready to get more drunk than Lucille at 1pm.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is any given episode (or multiple episodes if you’re feeling brave) of Arrested Development and some drinks.


This drinking game has about 1 drinking rule for every major character in the show. Plus a few others tossed in there. Plus players will have to finish their drinks whenever the narrator breaks the fourth wall.

Arrested Development Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • Anyone including the narrator says “Michael”
  • Anyone says the families last name “Bluth” or it’s written on a newspaper
  • George Michael hits on his cousin Maebe
  • Someone makes fun of Anne for being boring
  • Gob attempts a magic drink
    • Drink again if it’s actually succesful
  • Lucille takes a sip of an alcoholic drink
  • Tobias is seen wearing cutoffs
  • Buster hides or curls up in fear
  • Someone says “Lucille 2”
  • George Bluth Sr. suggests something blatantly illegal

Finish your drink whenever the narrator breaks the fourth wall


Our Arrested Development drinking game can be a lot of drinking so make sure to exercise caution and please drink responsibly. Most of the character tropes come up way too often and everyone seems to love calling Michael by his name. The drink finishing rule doesn’t come up all too often but it will happen every few episodes or so. If you enjoy drinking games to hilarious comedy sitcoms we suggest taking a look at our Seinfeld drinking game!