Mexican Dice Drinking Game

Mexican, not to be confused with the popular dice game Mexicali, is a game where players compete to get the highest score with two dice. So players on their turn roll two dice and then choose whether to roll again or to hold their number. This game is mostly luck based and works with any number of players, but it really hits it’s stride at around 5 players as too many will mean very little drinking.

What You’ll Need

Two dice and some drinks for every player

Mexican Dice Drinking Game Rules

First choose a starting player and he rolls both dice. The score he gets equals both dice, highest than lowest. For example if someone rolls a 2 and a 3, their score is 32.

The first roller can roll up to three times. However many he chooses is the same as everyone else gets, so if he only rolls twice than every player after only gets a max two rolls as well. The roller must keep their last roll, but they can stop after any roll.

There’s also a few numbers to watch out for.

2-1 is a Mexican. This is the highest roll. If anyone rolls this than the loser of that round must pound back half their drink.

Doubles count as the number times 100. So double 4’s would could as 400 and be higher than most other numbers.

3-1 is scum. The player who rolled it must take a drink.

Play goes clockwise until every player has rolled. Whoever finished with the lowest number drinks.


The Mexican dice drinking game can be a little hard to grasp at first but it’ll get easy in no time. It’s a great way to enjoy a few drinks but it’s generally a pretty light drinking game. Either way please make sure to drink responsibly.