Melee Esports Drinking Game

Melee Esports Drinking Game -

The Melee Esports Drinking Game will have players drinking to any major or minor tournament involving the popular fighting game Super Smash Brothers Melee. Having established itself as a legitimate Esport over many long years the Smash Brothers franchise has no bigger entry than it’s second game, Melee. From the crazy fan base to it’s iconic “5 gods” the scene for Melee is hilarious and exciting to watch as ever. Watch as everyone hates HungryBox or loves Mango and enjoy a few drinks to the sometimes unpredictable scene that is Super Smash Brothers Melee.


Any currently airing or previously recorded tournament of Melee and drinks.


Players will drink as the most famous players continue to fall into their own weird tropes. They will also drink to the crazy reactions of the announcers and crowd.

Melee Esports Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever a commentator says:

  • “We Livin!”
  • “Nice Back Air”
  • “Destruction!”
  • “Esports”
  • “Mangle”
  • “Scar Jump”

Drink twice whenever:

  • A fully charged Samus shot connects.
  • Someone multishines between stocks.
  • Someone gets wobbled.
  • Luigi has a misfire.
  • A pit fight occurs.
  • A tournament winner happens.
  • Anyone taunts.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A character matchup occurs in top 8 that has no business ever happening.
  • Peach pulls out a Mr. Saturn, Bob-omb, or beam sword.
  • Someone taunts to get bodied.
  • A 4 stock or reverse 4 stock occurs.

Player Specific Drinking Rules

Players pick their top 3 favorite smash pros and drink accordingly.

  • Armada: Is seen adjusting his glasses.
  • Mango: Double lasers from the edge.
  • HungryBox: The crowd isn’t excited he’s winning.
  • Mew2King: Ledge stalls.
  • Leffen: Tweets during the tournament.
  • Duck: Shakes his head.
  • Wizzrobe: Chug for the duration of his hand warmer.
  • S2J: Johnny stock is mentioned.
  • Chudat: YEAHYUZ.
  • WestBallz: Multi-shines
  • SFat: Taunts when losing
  • Plup: Drink for the first time “plupW this chat is now property of the plup club plupW” appears in twitch chat
  • Lucky: Nods
  • Syrox: Messes around on randal
  • HugS: Lands a charge shot
  • Colbol: SDs
  • Zain: Lands a pivot tipper


Huge shout outs to the r/smashbros reddit community for helping refine a ton of these rules. You guys rule.

The Melee Esports drinking game is a blast to drink to as you enjoy the excitement of a major tournament new or old. From Mango being unable to resist the double lazer from the edge to Duck constantly shaking his head as he gets wrecked. Grab yourself some drinks and make this a tournament you won’t soon forget. But please remember to drink responsibly. If this game is too much maybe just use the player specific rules for your favorite players instead of all of them.