Magic: The Slathering – An Original Magic The Gathering Drinking Game

The idea of our Magic: The Gathering drinking game is to play out a regular game of Magic and add in some drinking rules to raise the stakes. Basically how it works is you want to balance winning the game and getting the opponent drunk by spending your unused mana in order to get the opponent to drink. This is normally a 2 player drinking game but you can also play 2v2 if you want to get more people involved.

What You’ll Need

A couple Magic decks and some drinks. If people want to they can specifically try to create decks that will be better for giving out drinks or preventing drinks to be given to them. If you want to make a more fair format for the less experienced players you can do a draft or cube format as well.

Magic: The Gathering Drinking Game Rules

This game works by spending your unused mana to get the opponent drunk. Each different type of mana can be used. These all must be used at the end of your turn except for blue.

White Mana – Spend 1 white mana to block the next drink that would be given to you until your next turn.

Blue Mana – Spend 1 blue mana to counter any drinks given to you from a single source.

Black Mana – Spend 1 black mana to make target opponent drink two times, you also drink once.

Red Mana – Spend 1 red mana to make target opponent to drink once

Green Mana – Spend 1 green mana. Next time you or target opponent gives out a drink, give out 1 extra.

Whoever loses the game of Magic: the Slathering must finish their drink.

Stalling Rule: To prevent stalling where one player refuses to win in order to maximize drinks given to the opponent, players may only use mana for drinking rules if they’ve played a non-land card that turn.


The goal of our Magic: The Gathering drinking game is to allow players to choose their drunken playstyle. Blue/White is for the defensive drinkers who don’t want to have to drink much where as Red/Black/Green is for the aggro players who just want to get their opponents drunk. Please make sure to drink responsibly and don’t drive drunk.