How to Play the Kismet Drinking Game

For the uninitiated Kismet is a older Turkish dice game that plays out similar to the more modern dice game Yahtzee. This Kismet drinking game takes a regular game of Kismet and adds some fun drinking rules to make it more exciting.

What You’ll Need To Play

First thing you’ll need is a copy of Kismet. If you don’t have one available don’t worry it’s fairly easy to replicate with a set of 5 dice and some colored markers.

In order to make kismet dice just take a regular set of 5 dice and use the markers to color them as follows. 1 and 6 are black, 2 and 5 are red, 3 and 4 are green. Then you’ll want to either print out some score sheets or make them yourself.

The Base Rules of Kismet

If you already know how to play go ahead and skip this section and move on to the drinking rules.

It basically plays just like Yahtzee. Players take turn rolling all 5 dice and marking their score by either adding all of one number together for the “basic” scores or creating pairs, straights or flushes in the “kismet” section. A category must be scored every round even if that means putting a 0 in one of them.

Kismet Drinking Game Rules

Now on to the fun part.

  • Whenever you are forced to put a 0, take a drink.
  • Whenever someone else scores 30 or more points in their turn they can make someone else drink.
  • Whenever a player scores a kismet (all dice the same number) then everyone else at the table must cheers and take a hefty chug from their drink.
  • At the end of the game take a sip for every 10 points you are behind the winner.



That about wraps it up for our Kismet drinking game. If you’re more of a Yahtzee person then check out our awesome Yahtzee drinking game!