Killer Drinking Game

The Killer Drinking Game involved trying to catch the murderer before he kills off every other player. It’s a fairly simple game that involves way more bluffing and smooth talking than most other card games. Ideally this game is played with at least 5 players or it becomes too easy for the killer. This game is basically a simplified version of games like Mafia.

Killer is a great drinking game for players who think they know each other. You might end up finding out one of your friends is a way better liar than you thought.



A deck of cards and drinks

Set Up:

Players should all sit in a circle facing each other. This game will only require 1 card per player, but make sure all the cards are black except for 1 red one. This is important in deciding who the killer is.

Killer Summary:

In this game the killer aims to kill off every other player without giving out the fact that he’s the killer. The other players act as detectives and try to determine who the killer is. Whenever someone is killed they must drink.

Killer Drinking Game Rules:

Deal out one card to each player, insuring there is only 1 red card in the bunch. Players must keep their cards secret. The player who got dealt the red card is the killer. The game alternates between two phases, the detective phase and the killer phase. The game begins in the detective phase.

Detective phase:

In this phase players converse to try and determine who the killer is. A player can accuse someone. If he is correct the killer reveals himself must drink equal to the number of remaining players. If he is wrong the accuser must finish their own drink.

Killer Phase:

In this phase everyone closes their eyes. Then only the killer opens his eyes. He then taps one of the other players twice. That player is dead and must drink equal to the number of players who are also dead.

Ending the game:

The game ends when one of two things happen. The killer is correctly accused or only one detective remains because the killer has killed the rest. If the detectives win the killer must drink equal to the number of players still alive. If all the players are alive the killer finishes his drink. If the Killer wins all the detectives must drink 5.


The Killer Drinking Game is a great alternative to more traditional card games if players are looking for something a little more social. It’s a fantastic way to get to know the company your with and have a good time doing it.