Jerry’s Kids Drinking Game

The object of the Jerry’s Kids drinking game is to finish three shotglasses and place them face down on the table before the roller can roll doubles. It plays out sort of like the game Sevens, Elevens and Doubles. This game requires at least two players but can work with larger groups as well.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need two dice and three empty shot glasses. Then each player should bring a drink to fill their shot glasses with. Preferably something easy to down like beer or a mixed drink.

Jerry’s Kids Drinking Game Rules

Before every round starts players must decide who is drinking and who is rolling. To decide this each player rolls both dice. The highest roll becomes the roller, and the lowest roll becomes the drinker.

Playing the Game

The game starts when the roller first rolls both dice. As soon as the dice hit the table the drinker can start drinking. The goal is for the drinker to finish each shot glass, one by one, and putting them back on the table upside down before the roller can roll a pair of the same number.

The roller can roll as fast as they want to try and beat the drinker.

If the drinker can finish the shots before the roller has gotten double they win. A new round now starts with a new drinker and roller being chosen.

However, if the roller gets doubles than the drinker loses. Meaning they must refill their shot glasses and try again. The only way to stop drinking shot glasses and get out of being the drinker is to successfully win the round.


The Jerry’s Kids Drinking Game can be pretty tricky. Depending on your luck you could either end up not drinking much at all or end up drinking way more than you can handle. So either way please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break whenever you need one.