Jail Drinking Game

Card Game

The jail drinking game is very reminiscent of games like Kings with some key differences. It’s an easy to play and easy to follow card game so it’s a great part game for any occasion. Players simply draw cards and do what the card makes them do. So it might be helpful to write down the rules and place them somewhere on the table to avoid people asking “What’s that one do?” for the millionth time.

This game actually works best with multiple decks of cards so if you can manage to find 3 or more decks that should do. The decks don’t need to contain every card either so feel free to add in that sticky drinking game deck that you already lost half the cards from.


Multiple decks of cards, at least 3. And drinks.

Set up

Shuffle all the cards together as good as possible. Cards are then placed face down in the center of the table and players sit in a circle around them.


Jail Drinking Game Rules:

Players take turns drawing cards and doing the action on the card. This continues until every card has been drawn from pile.

2 – Drink 2, discard this card.
3 – Drink 3,discard this card.
4 – Drink 4, discard this card.
5 – Whoever drew this card is now in jail. Any player in jail must drink every time any other player drinks. If a player draws a 5 while already in jail they can get out of jail. keep this card until you are out of jail.
6 – Stand up! Whoever drew this card must stand up. They cannot sit down until they draw a sit down card. keep this card until you have to sit down.
7 – Sit down! If the player who drew this is standing they may now sit down. Discard this card.
8 – Rule card. Whoever drew this can either create a rule or get rid of another players rule. Any player caught breaking the rule must take a drink.
9 – Piss card. No one is allowed to go to the bathroom without turning in a nine. You can also trade your nine to another player in exchange for them taking some future drinks that would be assigned to you.
10 – Get out of jail. you can turn it in with your 5 to get out of jail or hold onto it and save it for later. You can also trade this card to other players in exchange for them taking some future drinks that would be assigned to you.
Jack – Give out one drink
Queen – Give out 2 drinks
King – Give out 3 drinks
Ace – Give out 4 drinks


The Jail drinking game can be quite a bit of drinking especially if you fail one too many times to draw that elusive 5 or 10. It’s a great game for multiple players and is extremely easy to play and understand.