Irish Snap Drinking Game

This game plays out a lot like the popular card game “snap” in which players slap the pile of cards when certain cards come up, except in this version players aim to get rid of all their cards. And of course there’s drinking involved for every time someone ends up drawing the cards in the center pile.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards with a flat surface to play on. And drinks!

Irish Snap Drinking Game Rules

Before you start someone needs to deal out all the cards. All cards should be dealt to players as evenly and face down in a pile, nobody is allowed to look at their cards.

From here players take turns in a clockwise order flipping their top card into the center. As players flip they are also saying the name of the next card in numerical order “Ace, two, thee, four, five, etc…”.

A Snap happens when one of three things happens.

  1. The number people are saying matches what is flipped
  2. A jack is flipped
  3. Two of the same numerical value card are played in a row

When a snap happens everyone races to slap their hand on the center pile. Last to do so loses the trick and must take every card in the middle and place is under their deck, expanding their deck. They must also take a sip for every 4 cards drawn this way so count em’ out.

When someone runs out of cards they are eliminated, which is a good thing. Keep playing until there is only 1 player remaining who must chug back their entire drink in shame.


The irish snap drinking game is a great twist on this classic card game but can often turn into quite a bit of drinking for whoever has the slowest hands so please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.