How To Play The 6 Shooter Drinking Game

The 6 shooter drinking game is a simple one, involving a die and 6 cups with varying amounts of alcohol. It’s a game of complete chance so it’s great for pre-gaming. We suggest playing with anywhere from 3-8 players, any more than that and it because a bit of a slog waiting for your turn to come up.

What You’ll Need To Play

A single die, plastic cups and different types of alcohol. It’s better to have many types of alcohol nearby to make the game more interesting.

Setting it up

First you’ll want to mark each cup from 1 to 6 with a marker, to represent the numbers on a die. Find a flat surface like a table and then place each of the empty cups on it where all players can see them. Then each player rolls and the highest number gets to go first.

How To Play The 6 Shooter Drinking Game

On a players turn they simply roll the die and and then look at the corresponding cup. If it’s empty then they get to put whatever they want in it (beer, whiskey, water, Gatorade whatever!). However if it’s not empty then that player must drink it.

The game only ends when all 6 cups have liquid in them at the same time. When that happens whoever rolled the lucky final number gets to give out the 6 cups to other players however he or she pleases and the game is done. Depending on you luck this could end quickly or take all night, so make sure an ample supply of alcohol is available.

If you liked the 6 Shooter drinking game then we suggest taking a look at similar games like Chandelier. Whichever game you decide on playing always make sure to drink responsibly.