Chandelier Drinking Game

The Chandeliers Drinking Game is a variation of the classic Quarters with a tad bit more drinking. It’s simple to play and set up but make sure you play on a table that you don’t mind getting a few dents in.


One pint glass, one shot glass per player and a quarter.

Set up:

Fill the pint glass with whichever drink the group agrees on. Then each player fills one shot glass with a drink of their choice and places it in the middle touching the center cup. This game gets it’s name from the shape of the cups touching in the center of the table.


Much like quarters players take turns trying to bounce a quarter into one of the glasses in the center of the table. Depending which cup they get it in is who drinks.

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules:

Players decide on who gets to shoot first. The player tries to bounce the quarter into one of the cups. If he gets it in one of the shot glasses than whoever’s shot glass it was must drink it. If he gets it into the middle pint glass then every player must finish their shot glass and whoever is last must chug the cup in the middle.

Play continues in a circle for as long as players want. There’s no actual ending point to this game so just play until you think the game has served it’s purpose.


Chandelier is a pretty intense drinking game especially if you’re slow to down your shot glass. So this game is better suited for the start of the night instead of the end of it. If players get the hang of it this can mean someone is chugging a cup as well as a shot every round.


Please remember to Drink Responsibly. It’s only a game and not worth risking your health.