Hockey Card Game

The Hockey drinking card game is a great choice for any hockey fans out there. The goal of the game is to score goals which in turn causes your opponents to drink. Typically this game is played with four players, 2 vs 2, but can be played with more as long as there’s an even amount of players on each team. The game itself can be quite a bit of drinking depending how long your opponents want to make you drink.


What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is a deck of cards and some drinks. Then to set up the game someone should shuffle the deck and then deal 3 cards to each player to form their hand.


Hockey Card Game Rules

The point of this game is to score the most goals before the game ends. This game is played in 3 periods and every time the deck runs out of cards signals the end of a period.

Start by picking two team captains and having them play rock paper scissors. The winner starts the game. They choose any card from their hand to play on the table.

Players alternate turns, making sure that the person playing after you is always from the opposing team. After any player plays a card they must draw a new card to replenish their hand to 3 cards.

If a player manages to play the same value card as the one played before them (by the opposing team) they score a goal.

When a goal is scored the team that scored it must start making a loud buzzing noise to imitate a scoring buzzer. The opposing team must drink for as long as all players from the scoring team are able to continue making that sound. If any of the players stop for a breath then the opponents can stop drinking.

Once the deck runs out, this signals the end of the first period. Tally up the goals and the team with the least goals drinks. Shuffle the deck and play again for the next period. Once the game has been played 3 times and all 3 periods are finished, the losing team must finish their drink.

Safe Cards

Both Jacks and 8s are considered safe cards. This means that they cannot be matched to cause goals.


The hockey drinking game can be a very exciting game if you get the right group of people. The real challenge is trying not to strain your voice from making so many buzzing noises.