GTA Drinking Game

The Grand Theft Auto Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This grand theft auto drinking game works with really any game in the franchise. It’ll even work with the online multiplayer modes. Basically you just want to play the game as normal and then follow these easy drinking rules.

What You’ll Need

Any grand theft auto game and some drinks. If you wanted you could also play this game while watching a GTA twitch streamer and drink when you see any of these rules come up.

GTA Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • You run over a pedestrian
  • Someone steals your car or pulls you out of the drivers seat
  • You flip or destroy a car
  • Anyone shoots you
  • A black pedestrian or character says “nigga”
  • You run over a spike strip
  • You fail a sick car jump
  • Every time you are driving and you notice someone else driving the same type of car.
    • Drink again if it’s also the same color.
  • A pedestrian pulls out a gun
  • You see another car on the road run over someone
    • Drink again if it was a paramedic


Whenever you die drink for every star you had. Double it if you get arrested. If you somehow manage to die without getting any police stars finish your drink.

Optional Rule: Good Samaritan Mode

If you wanna really challenge yourself use this drinking rule instead. While driving a car drink for every single road law you break. This might require someone to point out which laws your breaking but be warned it’s nearly impossible to follow road laws in these games with the way the AI drivers drive.


Our GTA drinking game can get pretty crazy especially if you decide to try out the Good Samaritan rules. It’s almost impossible to exist in this game without amassing a bunch of police stars and having an arsenal of cops after you. If you feel like you’ve had enough to drink you can always stop playing and resume another time, please drink responsibly.