Golf Card Drinking Game

Golf Drinking Game -

Much like in real Golf the goal of the Golf Card Drinking Game is to achieve the lowest score possible. Players are dealt 4 cards, two face up and two face down, and try to swap out their cards for new ones. When a player thinks they have the lowest score they knock and the others get one more turn to lower their score and see who wins.

What You’ll Need

A shuffled deck of cards and some drinks

Golf Card Drinking Game Rules

As stated above the object here is to get the lowest score possible. Players are dealt 4 cards each, 2 face down and 2 face up. Cards are all worth their face values except Jacks and Queens are 10, Aces are 11 and Kings are 0. Players can look at their own face down cards but must hide them from other players.

The rest of the deck is placed in the center.

From there players take turns flipping a card off the top of the deck and deciding if they want to replace it with one of their own cards or discard it.

When someone thinks they have the lowest score they can knock on the table. This means every other player has 1 more turn to try and lower their scores.

Once done everyone should add up their score.

If the player who knocked had the lowest score then everyone else at the table must drink the difference between their score.

Lowest score never drinks at the end of the round.

If the player who knocked didn’t have the lowest score then he drinks equal to the score of the winning player. If the knocking player got last place then they pound back a full drink.


The golf card drinking game might look a little complicated but it’s really easy once you get it started. There’s just enough luck and skill to be a great drinking game.