GoldenEye 007 Drinking Game

The GoldenEye drinking game is for the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007. Although this game could easily work for other similar shooting games on newer consoles by swapping around the weapons used.

This classic game makes for the perfect drinking game for anyone who is instantly swept with nostalgia when they pop GoldenEye on their old N64. Basically it has one player using the golden gun and every other player must chase them down, slappers-only style. For best results this game should have at least 3 people playing.



GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 and drinks

Set up:

Everyone plug in and set up a death match with the following rules.

  • Time : Unlimited
  • Guns : Golden Guns
  • No auto-aim
  • Random level
  • One hit kills


One player will be chosen to dawn the golden gun. Every other player can only be unarmed and try to chop him. Whenever the golden gun player kills someone, that someone must drink. If someone successfully chops the golden gun user, the golden gun user must drink 3 and forfeit the golden gun to the player that killed him.


GoldenEye Drinking Rules:

Once the game is properly set up and players are ready, The first player to grab a golden gun gets to be the golden gunner. All other players may only be unarmed until the golden gunner is dead. The Golden gunner causes players to drink once when he kills them. If anyone kills the golden gunner then the golden gunner drinks 3 times and the player that killed him becomes the new golden gunner and the old one must now be unarmed.

The non golden gun wielding players can still slap eachother to death, but nobody drinks in this case.

To prevent corner camping, the golden gunner must change rooms every 20 seconds of inaction or face a drinking penalty. Unarmed players can camp whenever they want to hide from the gunner.



This GoldenEye 007 Drinking Game is a blast and is very easy to play and understand. Players can impose their own rules to spice things up like allowing the unarmed players to use proximity mines and giving the golden gunner a gun with more ammo and 1 shot kills. As always, if you pick Oddjob you are a jerk.There’s no ending to this game but feel free to pause once in a while to laugh at the player with the least kills.