Go Fish Drinking Game

Card Game

For those of you who just want to play something easy that they know and get drunk at the same time there’s always our Go Fish drinking game.


A deck of cards and drinks

Set up

Remove each card higher than 10 from the deck. So the only cards remaining would be from Ace to King. Each player is dealt 5 cards. They are allowed to look at these cards and should keep them secret from the other players. Then put all the remaining cards in a face down pile and spread them around.


This plays out like any other game of Go Fish except whenever a player gets a guess wrong they must drink for an amount of seconds equal to the card they guessed. At the end of the game every player except the winner must drink for each pair the winner got.

Go Fish Drinking Game Rules

Once cards are dealt a starting player is chosen. If they have any pairs they may lay them down now.

Then they must ask another player if they have a card matching one in their hand. If they don’t the guesser must drink for a number of seconds equal to the cards value. They then “go fish” and draw a new card from the center pile. If they were correct in their guess they simply get the card and get to lay it down as a pair.

The game ends when all pairs have been made.At the end whichever player has the most pairs wins. Every other player must drink equal to the number of pairs the winner ended with. So if the winner got 6 pairs then every other player must drink 6 times.


This Go Fish drinking game is interesting because it forces players to be more careful with their higher numbered cards like 10. So players typically guess the low cards until there is only higher cards left in a very tense situation at the end of the game.