Gang Beasts Drinking Game

The Gang Beasts Drinking Game -

For those that have never played it, Gang Beasts makes for the perfect drinking game. The characters already move like they’re drunk so why not join them? Players duke it out trying to throw their floppy limbs around and toss the opposing players into pits, fires, subway trains, meat grinders, etc… Our Gang Beasts drinking game requires players to flip cards and raise and potentially take a few drinks every time they get knocked out of a game.

What You’ll Need

To play this game you’ll require the console version of Gang Beasts for either PS4 or Xbox One. It should be available on the virtual store. It can be played on the PC version as well but it’s easier if players can play multiplayer on the same screen. A deck of cards will also be necessary for this game. Whenever a player is knocked out they must drink equal to their flipped card.

Gang Beasts Drinking Game Rules

This game works best with the melee or gang modes. Set up a round on whichever stage players want, with however many wins they want.

Then deal one card face up to each player. This card will represent the amount they have to drink if they don’t win the round. Where Ace equals 1, and King equals 13. Feel free to include Jokers as well as “Finish Your Drink” cards. So basically the only way to avoid taking those drinks is to be the winner.

Players should start drinking as soon as they get knocked out of a round. On a draw neither player needs to drink.

Optional: Soccer Mode

If players want to play the soccer mode in this game the rules are a bit different. Simply flip 1 card face up. Which ever team gets scored on must split that many sips between them. Flip a new card after every goal.


This Gang Beasts drinking game will get you as drunk as the gang beasts in no time so please exercise caution and make sure to drink responsibly.