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Introducing The Flip-Cup Battle Royale Drinking Game!

After a long night of trying to figure out how to play flip-cup with an uneven number of players we finally came up with the Flip Cup Battle Royale Drinking Game! This version of the classic drinking game has no-teams. every man and woman for themselves and the last one standing wins!  This game is similar to flip cup except it’s played in multiple rounds and each round someone loses one of their cups until they lose them all and are eliminated from the game. This game works best with larger groups of people but works with anywhere from 2-99 players. (although we suggest playing with around 10).

What You’ll Need To Play

3 cups per player and copious amounts of alcohol.

Setting It Up

At the start of the game everyone put a shot or two of beer in each of there three cups. (Don’t worry you won’t need much more than that since you’ll be refilling those cups a lot throughout the game). Everyone should place their three cups in a line in front of them to start the game.

How To Play Flip Cup Battle Royale Drinking Game

This game takes place in a number of repeating rounds.

To start off players should all count down from 10. As soon as it hits zero the game begins. Everyone now races to drink and flip each cup.  Each cup must be flipped before someone moves on to their next cup.

Once someone finishes flipping every cup they must slap the table and yell “Winner winner chicken dinner!”. First to do that wins the round. The winner gets to pick one player to lose a cup permanently.

Rounds continue with players refilling their cups and racing to drink and flip them all again. When someone loses a cup they are now playing the game with 1 less cup permanently which gives them a slight advantage since they have less to drink and flip now. But once someone is completely out of cups they are eliminated from the game entirely.

Rounds continue until only 1 player has cups left. That person wins the game!


The Flip Cup Battle Royale drinking game is the BR game that nobody asked for. But it’s super fun and usually ends up in some pretty intense social dynamics when the winner must decide if they want to make enemies or try to stay neutral. As with any drinking activity please remember to drink responsibly.