This Fixer Upper Drinking Game Will Get Ya Drunk

It has long been my stance that HGTV comes out with some of the best shows to make drinking games too. So we decided to come up with a great Fixer Upper Drinking Game.

This show is fairly straight forward. The hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines fix up a real rats nest of a house and try to turn a profit. The goal is to take a house that the buyers will be able to purchase and fix up within their budget. So enough about that, on to the drinking rules!

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’ll need is any given episode of the show and some drinks nearby.

The Fixer Upper Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever any of these words are spoken

  • “Tear Down/out”
  • “Redo”
  • “First Impression”
  • “Waco”
  • “Over/Under Budget”
  • “Shiplap”

Take a big chug whenever

  • There’s a panoramic shot of the house/property
  • Joanna suggests tearing down a wall
  • Chip feels the need to calculate how much money they’d have for renovations for the more mathematically impaired viewers
  • Acoustic guitar starts up in the background
  • Chip’s stomach is shown for some reason
  • Joanna talks about french doors or kitchen islands
  • There’s a shot of them playing with their kids to showcase that they’re ace parents
  • Chip gives a house a quirky nickname
  • Water damage/mold is discovered

Bonus Rule! Once all the houses are revealed everyone pick which one they think will be chosen. (Hint: It’s never the one that makes the most sense). If ya pick wrong you drink. If you pick right you can revel in the fact that you are a genius while everyone else drinks.


If this Fixer Upper drinking game didn’t totally satisfy your itch for HGTV drinking games then check out our House Hunters drinking game! As with any drinking activity make sure to always drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home if you need one.