House Hunters Drinking Game

House Hunters Drinking Game -

The House Hunters drinking game pits players against each other to try and guess which house the couple will end up with. For those who have never seen the show, the basic premise is that a couple or family will have a set budget and specifications as they tour 3 houses and end up choosing one of them to live in. The show itself is largely staged but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

The drinking game has players picking which house they think they will choose and then drinking if they are incorrect. As well as drinking along the way for common tropes in the show.


What You’ll Need

First thing is you will need is any given episode of the House Hunters. For best results try to choose an episode you haven’t seen yet. Before turning on the show each player should pick a number from 1 to 3. This will represent which house they think will be chosen. Then players just need to grab a drink and follow these simple drinking rules.


House Hunters Drinking Game Rules

At the start of the show each player must pick a number from 1 to 3 before seeing the houses. This will represent which house they are rooting for.

Drink once whenever

  • A house is massively over budget
  • There’s any mention of Granite
  • The husband and wife disagree on something
  • Something is described as “a must” or something that the house absolutely needs
  • Someone mentions that they like to entertain
  • Someone walks into a walk-in closet

While the house hunters are looking at the property you chose before the game started

  • Drink whenever they mention how small it is
  • Drink whenever they mention that they don’t like the color of something
  • Finish your drink if this house is not the one they end up picking

Bonus Rule

  • At the start of each game drink 5 times if the couple is younger and more successful than you.