10 Party Drinking Game Rules To Make Your Next Party Unforgettable


Looking to make your next get together something a little out of the ordinary? Well we compiled a list of what we think are the best party drinking game rules to get everyone having fun at your party. Some of these might make a bit of a mess. But hey what’s a party without a hung over cleanup?


#1 – Edward 40 Hands

This game can lead to a lot of spillage and a lot of good times. Players start the night by buying two 40s or jugs of beer. Then they take some duct tape and tape the drinks to your hands. Players are not allowed to remove the drinks from their hands for any reason until they are finished. It’s all fun and games until someone walks into the bathroom and comes to the alarming realization of how hard the task at hand will be.

#2 – SouthPaw

In this game players all must drink with their non dominant hand. If at any time someone is caught holding a drink with their dominant hand anyone can yell “Southpaw!” and that person must finish their drink.

#3 – Never Have I Ever

At any point in the party if anyone states something they’ve never done starting with the phrase “Never have I ever” you must drink if you’ve done that thing. This even counts if you overhear someone in a separate conversation that you’re not involved in.

#4 – ChugStereo

This rule is simple and effective. If anyone wants control of the stereo or music playing device for the party they must kneel in front of it and chug a full beer. Nobody else can pick songs except the player who most recently chugged to gain control of the music.

Wisest Wizards

#6 – Wisest Wizards

Wisest wizard is a game that is truly a test of will. Players must each bring their own roll of duct tape for this one as it will be used up quick. Whenever a player is about to open a new beer he must tape it to the last beer they finished. Thus creating a larger and larger staff throughout the night making it harder and more ridiculous to try and drink out of. The player at the end of the night with the largest staff is deemed the Wisest Wizard.


#5 – Ice’d

This classic game was a little more popular circa 2004 but it’s always worth a revisit. Basically if anyone sees a Smirnoff Ice in a place where it shouldn’t be they have to chug it. So get ready to hide some drinks and force your friends to find them in the most clever ways you can.

#7 – Easter Beer Hunt

Before the party starts one player hides a 12 pack of beers around the party area. If anyone spots one they’re free to have it as long as they chug it then and there. Otherwise they can try to get other players to find it without them realizing.

#8 – Chugging-Knife

In this game someone needs to get one of those plastic retractable knives. For the love of god make sure it’s retractable first. If someone stabs someone with the knife without them noticing until they’re stabbed, they must chug the rest of their drink and then they get to hold the knife. If someone sees the knife being held by someone else they can call “Knife!” and point to the player, which causes the knife holder to finish his drink and give up the knife to the caller.

#9 – No-Phones

This one is a simple way to make sure people spend a little more time interacting with each other instead of their social media accounts. If anyone is caught holding their phone they must take a drink.

#10 – No Privacy Tonight

“No Privacy Tonight” is more embarrassing than anything. In this players must announce their intent every time they enter the bathroom. They must say exactly what they’re planning on doing in there and in what order. If you catch someone not stating their bathroom intent they must drink.


There you have it. What we consider to be the best party drinking games to make your party stand out from the rest. Plus a great way to encourage people to have a few drinks and loosen up.Always remember to Drink Responsibly. No game is worth risking your health.