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The Ultimate Dungeons And Dragons Drinking Game

The Dungeons and Dragons Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

This Dungeons and Dragons Drinking Game is a set of drinking rules that will work with any campaign. Basically it takes a regular game and gives you some buffs if you’re willing to drink to get them. Plus there’s some extra drinking rules for when you get awful rolls or beat a boss of some sort. Keep in mind this d&d drinking game adds a couple bonuses if players are willing to drink extra to get them so choosing a slightly more difficult campaign might work better.

What You’ll Need

A game of Dungeons and Dragons going and some drinks. Plus a bottle of hard alcohol on hand for terrible rolls or deaths.

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Dungeons and Dragons Drinking Game Rules

These d&d drinking rules are broken up into 4 different categories; damage, defeating enemies, rolls and bonuses.

Drinking for Damage

  • Whenever you take damage, take a drink.
  • If your weapon breaks, take three drinks.
  • Whenever you lose any check, take a sip.
  • If you die, take a shot.

Drinking for Defeating Enemies

  • Whenever an enemy is defeated everyone at the table takes a drink
  • Whenever you defeat a boss-like enemy everyone at the table finishes what’s left of their drink. This is up to the DM in what they consider to be a boss.

Drinking for Rolls

  • If you roll a natural 1, take a shot of hard alcohol.
  • If you roll a natural 20, everyone at the table cheers and take a drink.

Drinking to Earn Bonuses

  • Finish half of a drink to re-roll any die (not including natural 1s or 20s.)
  • Drink 3 times to recover 2 hit points as one of your turn actions.


These Dungeons and Dragons drinking game rules are pretty straight forward. Although it might help to print them out and keep them by the table in case anyone forgets any of them.If you’re looking to make things a bit more ridiculous why not try adding in a game of Wisest Wizards to make you feel like real drunken mages? As with any drinking game please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one.