How to Play The Latin Drinking Game Dudo

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The Dudo Drinking Game is one that dates back at least 400 years. Rumored to have been taught to the Spanish by an Incan king. Dudo (Spanish for “I Doubt”) is a popular south american dice game similar to Liar’s Dice. In this game each player rolls their dice in secret and take bets on how much of a certain number is showing between all players. This game works with 2 or more players but we suggest playing with at least 3.

What You’ll Need To Play

5 dice for each player and a cup to hide them inĀ  so that nobody can see the roll but the roller.

How To Play the Dudo Drinking game

Before the game starts the turn order must be decided. Everyone takes turns rolling a dice and then sits in a circle accordingly. Lowest to highest. Highest goes first.

Everyone rolls their dice in secret. Once that’s done the starting player calls out a number. This number is a guess of how many of a certain dice are showing between ALL players. So a guess of “six twos” means that the caller thinks there is a total of 6 twos showing between all players. This includes Aces which are wild.

The player then starts by rolling the five dice in secret and calling the score. The score is how many of a specific number somebody has. Aces are wild. So a roll of 5,6,1,1,5 can be called as “Four Fives”.

Now the next player can either Calza, Raise, or Dudo.

  • Calza: This means the player is betting that the number guessed before him is exactly correct. This ends the game. If the person who called Calza is right they win and the player before them loses a die and takes a drink, otherwise they lose a die and drink themselves.
  • Raise: This means the player is better the number will be at least 1 higher than the previous guess. The game continues on to the next player.
  • Dudo: This means the player is guessing the previous player is wrong and has guessed too many. This ends the game. If they were correct the player before them loses a die and takes a drink. Otherwise they lose a die and take a drink themselves.

The Dude drinking game continues until only 1 player still has dice remaining. They win and everyone else drinks.