Liar’s Dice Drinking Game

Liar’s Dice is a deceptively complicated yet fun dice game that can be played with as few as 2 people, though we suggest playing with 3-5. Players roll dice in secret and do their best to lie in order to always beat the previous players roll. Liar’s Dice brings in the option of bluffing which can make being lucky extremely hilarious as your opponents try calling you out on a good roll. So grab a few dice and some drinks and get ready for some big bluffs and outrageous call outs.


5 dice, a cup per player, and drinks.


Players will all roll their dice at the same time, then starting with the chosen player they will take turns saying what they rolled, possibly lying. Each player will continue to say a higher value until a player is called for lying. If the player was lying then they drink and lose a die, otherwise the person that called them on lying and was wrong drinks and loses a die. As the game progresses players will have less dice to bluff with and whenever a player has no dice remaining they are eliminated. The first player eliminated must finish their drink.

Liar’s Dice Drinking Game Rules:

Players will randomly determine who goes first. Each player will then roll 5 dice keeping them hidden from everyone else. The person who goes first calls out a number and an amount of that number. Such as “I have two 3s” or “I have four 1s”. The next player must now say a number higher or equal to that of the previous player. Play will continue this way until a player decides to call out a lie. Only the player who goes after the current players turn may call a lie. The current player then reveals his dice. If the current player is capable of showing that he was not lying then the person that called him out loses and must drink and forfeit a die. If the current player was lying then he loses and must drink and forfeit a die. Each player will roll their dice again then play restarts from the last player to complete their turn. Once a player has no dice left they are eliminated from the game. The first player to be eliminated must finish their drink.

Singular numbers have the lowest value from 1 to 6. Each pair is worth more than any single, each triple worth more than any double and so on. A player may say they have two 3s even if they in fact have three 3s, this is not lying because the player does at least have the two 3s he said he did. Each round the losing player must drink equal to what the last successful player said he had. 1 to 6 are each equal to their value, as are the number of dice the player claimed to have. If a player was said to have three 4s then the loser would drink 4 for the number on the dice, then an additional 3 for it being a three of a kind.