Duck Hunt Drinking Game

The Duck Hunt Drinking Game

For this game you’ll need a copy of Duck Hunt for Nintendo. Or at least an emulated version of it, but it’s way funner with the gun or super scope. The Duck Hunt drinking game has players drinking for whenever they miss and then some extra times at the end depending on the score. This game works best with the 2-player mode.

What You’ll Need

The NES classic game Duck Hunt and some beers.

Duck Hunt Drinking Game Rules

First thing is first. You’ll need to have a beer in one hand and a gun in the other.

On your turn, whenever you miss a bird, take a drink!

After both players have finished their turns the loser has to drink the difference in birds. Meaning if one player missed 4 birds and the other player only missed 1 bird, the player who missed 4 birds must drink 3 times.

Feel free to keep playing until it starts getting hard to aim. This game become exceptionally funner once people are too drunk to properly hit a bird.

If you’d prefer this also works with the clay shooting mode although that one’s a bit harder. Just drink for missed discs instead of birds.


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