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Drop Shot Review – A Portable Beer Luge

One of the more interesting contraptions that came our way recently is the Drop Shot game. It’s basically a game of russian roulette that ends up in the loser taking a shot of whatever the bottle was filled with. It serves as a great way to build up suspense do add an extra bit of excitement to your next party

Setting it Up

One of the many great things about this little peace of drunken machinery is how easy it is to set it up and use it.

Just open up the box and snap together the few pieces. Fairly straight forward stuff. Once it’s all set up and ready you’re ready to play the game.

Gather around a circle of pals and assign someone to fill up the bottle with whatever they see fit. Once it’s all ready whoever wants to start up the game rolls the included game die.

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How to Play

Participants take turns rolling the die and cranking the handle accordingly hoping that the shot doesn’t drop on their turn.

Whatever number is rolled is how many times that person must crank the handle on the drop shot. There should be an audible click for each time it’s moved. ‘X’ means roll again and ‘O’ means 0 spins.

Here’s where things get exciting. At a seemingly random amount of cranks the bottle will launch into the slide and whoever just rolled has to chug the drink. I’ve seen this activate after only 2 spins but sometimes it can take up to 15 so you never know when it’s going to let loose.

Drop Shot Game Review

This thing is a great idea for anyone who wants to inject some pure fun into their evening. It’s one of those things you can just set up around the bar to make things instantly a bit more exciting.

It’s very simple in nature so it can tend to get a bit repetitive. But that’s why we decided to just incorporate into other drinking games. It gets way more intense when you fill the bottle with something nobody really wants to chug and you’re sitting there wondering if your roll is going to be the one that dumps it.

Despite the slight mess that comes with doing an improvised booze luge the Drop Shot Game is a ton of fun. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and since it’s so cheap to start with there’s not a lot of downsides.