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Don’t Get Drunk Review – The All-In-One Party Board Game

Don't Get Drunk -

In one of our many searches for the next great drinking game we came across a game called “Don’t Get Drunk!”. Being brought to life by publisher MWilliams, this game promises to be an all-in-one party starter. After a successful kickstarter campaign this fun drinking board game has finally seen a full release.

The basic idea of this game is that teams of players attempt to stumble home from the bar and face-off in a number of challenges along the way. Sort of like a wacky challenge filled game of snakes and ladders. With challenges like forcing players to go head to head in flipcup ,and intense dares such as reading aloud your last text messages, this game is sure to keep things interesting.

Don't Get Drunk Board Game -

So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a few drinks during their game night than this one is a no brainer. It’s a great way to liven things up and make sure all your guests are having a good time.

How To Play

As any good drinking game should be, this one is very easy to play and understand. Simply take turns rolling a die and picking up a card corresponding to the space you land on.

Teams usually consist of teams of two but feel free to mix it up and have larger or smaller teams if you group permits.

The ultimate goal is to stumble your way back to the “home” space where safety awaits. On the way you’ll land on a large array of cards that will require to do different types of tasks or risk drinking the consequences.

Types of Cards

As it stands there are currently 4 different types of cards, each with a lot of variety.


Luck cards are just as they sound. Flip the card, read the quip, and hope to get lucky. You never know exactly what’s going to happen until the card is flipped but all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best.


The trial cards pit teams against each other in some exciting drunken mini-games. Exactly how these games will be played will be dictated in the rules. So if you fancy yourself a champion at classic drinking games, now’s the time to prove it! Generally these cards end up with a reward for the winner and a punishment for the losers.


Dare cards, as one might expect, can get a little crazy. Players are given the option between “dare” and “double dare” depending how brave they’re feeling. This is when you can expect some of those historic drunken bad decisions to be made.


These cards will test players knowledge of many random liquor related questions, either in pop culture or simple fact based questions. This is where those years of being part of drinking culture are really going to pay off!

Don’t Get Drunk is a quick fun game full of interesting challenges. The real meat-and-potatoes of this game is in the Trial cards that utilize the items in the box like spoons and ping pong balls to create fun mini-games. Overall the game plays fairly fast so it’s good for a quick pre-game or ice breaker at the start of a night.