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The Donald Trump Drinking Game

Donald Trump Drinking Game -

Love him or hate him, you’re bound to see this polarizing character plastered all over any news or media outlet anywhere in the world. He sure loves to hear himself talk so there’s bound to be another press release or address just around the corner that this Donald Trump drinking will work perfectly for.


A Donald Trump speech or debate, pencils, paper, and drinks.


Players will each take turns picking words out of Trump’s lexicon from our word bank. Whenever their word comes up or any of the larger general tropes happen they must take a drink.

Donald Trump Drinking Game Rules:

First everyone goes in turn and picks words from the following word bank until all the words are taken. It might be helpful to write down which words you got. Any time any of your words come up you must take a drink.

  • Best
  • Biggest
  • True
  • Sad!
  • Lies
  • Disaster
  • Amazing
  • Huge
  • Tremendous
  • Terrific
  • Out Of Control
  • Jobs
  • Border
  • Invest(ment)
  • Worst
  • Win(ning)
  • Stupid
  • Weak
  • Loser
  • Smart


Next everyone must pick one hand gesture and drink whenever it comes up. Might want to add this to your sheet.

  • The fingers-and-thumb circle
  • The upwards gun
  • The double outward open palms
  • Pointing at the crowd

Next these are the community drinks. Anytime any of these things happen and someone points it out everyone who’s playing the game must take a drink.

  • Trump Mentions Hilary Clinton
    • Drink twice if he calls her “crooked”
  • Trump brings up Obama
  • Trump blames democrats
  • Trump Insults another world leader
  • Trump berates a news outlet
    • Drink twice if he calls them “Fake News”
  • Trump cites a statistic or fact that probably isn’t true

Grab a few beers and play our Trump drinking game as he bumbles his way through the English language in what’s sure to be tomorrow’s headline.