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Debatable – Improv In A Box

Lately we got the chance to test out the awesome party game Debatable. Basically this card game pits people against each other in different topics and the players need to try and argue their case and win over the votes of the audience. What makes this game extra hilarious is that each debater randomly draws two strategy cards that they MUST use during their debate. These wacky strategies range from “use animal metaphors” to “Attack your opponents gender”.

In this article we go over how to play the game, what we thought of it, and of course some drinking rules we came up with to add an extra layer of fun to the game.

How To Play

One of the many highlights of this game is just how simple it is to play. The goal is to win debates, if you fail in a debate twice then you get eliminated from the game.

First thing that happens is everyone votes on who they think will be the worst player in the game. So right of the start you’re pushing people’s buttons. That player starts off as the moderator, who will dictate the first debate.

The moderator basically controls the first debate. He draws one of the many subject cards and decides which topic to use. Then he also gets to pick who will be debating and who is for and against the topic at hand.

Now the two debaters need to pick their strategy cards. They each randomly draw 2 strategy cards and the quirk that’s on the top on both cards will be the ones they have to use.

Now for the debate. Both debaters start by giving their opening statements and then the timer is flipped. The debate lasts until the timer is emptied. It’s the moderators job to keep things on track and make sure each debater is getting an equal word in. Once the timer runs out each debater gives their closing statement and the debate is finished.

After this it’s voting time. Each non debating player votes on who they think won the argument. Whoever lost gets a “under pressure” card. The losing player now gets to be the moderator for the next round and choose new debaters and a topic.

If anyone loses two debates during the game they are eliminated. Last player standing wins the game!

Debatable Review

As far as fun vocal party games go this is one of the best ones we have ever played. It’s a great time for everyone involved. Plus if anyone doesn’t want to get into character and do any debating they can just grab a couple voting cards and help judge the winners.

This game is played best with the right group of people. It essentially turns any night into a night of improv, which if you’re into that kind of thing can be a great time. If you have friends who are loud, outspoken, and capable of having a great time then this game is second-to-none. Simply put, this is one of the most genuinely funny games we have played.

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Drinking Rules

We kept the drinking rules for this game short and sweet.

  1. If your vote is in the minority, take a drink.
  2. If you lose a debate drink for every vote against you.
  3. When you’re eliminated finish your drink.

The debatable card game is an awesome way to liven up any get together. We recommend it strongly.