Cribbage Drinking Game Rules

Fan of playing crib? Fan of getting loaded? Well this cribbage drinking game is for you! For all those who have no idea how to play Cribbage check for the official rules.

This game just uses standard crib rules and adds drinking rules to the mix to keep the alcohol flowin’. So you best be on your A game or drink as punishment. This game works as a 1 on 1 game or a 2 on 2 game. This is typically played in a full 121 point game.

What You’ll Need To Play

A standard crib board, deck of cards, and some drinks for everyone playing.

Cribbage Drinking Game Rules

  1. If a jack is flipped to start the game everyone must toast and take a sip.
  2. If someone cannot play and must pass, they must drink.
  3. If someone hits 15 exactly they can force another player to drink.
  4. If someone hits 31 exactly they can force another player to drink 3 times.
  5. If a run is created, whoever breaks the run must drink for the length of the run.
  6. If pairs/triplets/quads are played whoever broke the chain must drink equal to the number on the card used to create the pair/triplet/quad. Anything Jack or higher is worth 10.
  7. When counting hands the lowest scoring hand must drink 3 times.

End Of Game Drinking

  1. At the end of the game whoever lost must drink half of their drink.
  2. If they were skunked they must drink their full drink.
  3. If they were double skunked they must finish every drink at the table.

This cribbage drinking game can be pretty intense especially if you’re horrible at it and end up getting double skunked. So make sure to always drink enough water and never drink to access. Take a break if you think you need one.